Logiciel gratuit VPN Expatshield 2012 Licence gratuite Freeware for Windows, Maintain Your Privacy

Logiciel gratuit VPN Expatshield 2012 Licence gratuite Freeware for Windows ,Maintain Your Privacy

With Expatshield 2012 : Maintain Your Privacy .Browse anonymously and take full control over who can see your personal information. Examples of information that ExpatShield protects are your name, location, browsing history, and searches you perform online.

100% Free, Unlimited Bandwidth, Trusted by Millions of People


Logiciel gratuit – New CyberGhost VPN 2011 – free and surf anonymous – Now enjoy the Free version free of charge – License free for Windows 7, Vista, XP , 32 Bit ,64 Bit

Logiciel gratuit – New CyberGhost VPN 2011 – free and surf anonymous – Now enjoy the Free version free of charge – License free for Windows 7, Vista, XP , 32 Bit ,64 Bit

CyberGhost VPN can help you in any situation you can imagine.

  • Protecting personal data

    Would you send out your bank details and buying habits on a postcard? Precisely. But there are plenty of prying eyes on the Internet as well. Major marketing companies analyze your movements on the Internet so that they can create personalized offerings for you. CyberGhost VPN allows you to surf anonymously on the Net with lots of other users, ensuring that no specific profile can be created for you.

  • Avoiding IP geolocations

    We have recently seen an ever-growing trend where Internet-based audio and video streaming services in particular make the service you are provided dependent on a particular area. For example, many YouTube videos can only be accessed via an American IP, while only a message is displayed in Germany. Our servers allow you to pretend to these services that you use a different IP so that you can enjoy an activity that you would otherwise be denied.

  • Avoiding Internet restrictions and censorship

    Access to information must be guaranteed to everyone, everywhere. CyberGhost VPN helps you get round restrictions and blocks and supply information where it is really needed.

    CyberGhost VPN can even help you get round blocks imposed by Internet providers so that you can, for instance, use VoIP services like Skype.

  • Providing security in public WLANs and hotspots

    If you surf in public WLANs, you never know exactly where your data will end up. CyberGhost already encrypts the data on your PC so that there is not even any chance of unprotected data ending up in the network. This ensures that you can really surf securely and anonymously everywhere.

  • Automatic anonymization

    Unlike with proxies, all your applications are anonymous on the Internet from the moment you are connected to CyberGhost VPN. This includes every software application that connects to the Internet, such as browsers, messengers, games, download managers, etc.

Gratuit – HideIPVPN offers FREE VPN accounts US/UK – Free Offer 2011- Time limited

Gratuit – HideIPVPN offers FREE VPN accounts US/UK – Free Offer 2011- Time limited

HideIPVPN offers FREE VPN accounts on our servers located in United States and United Kingdom.

Make your traffic appear to originate from a United States or United Kingdom. Access sites like Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC, ITV, etc.

publisher presentation :

To get your free US and UK VPN, create your account here : https://billing.hideipvpn.com/cart.php?gid=1

Important! In order to maintain the quality of our service, the number of free accounts is limited. We offer about 100 new free accounts per month.
From 9th of March 2010 we offer 25 free accounts per week. Keep an eye on our blog and our Twitter account to find out when they are available.
You can still get one if you are willing to promote our service. Read more here. Also check our Premium VPN service! Thank you for your understanding!
Important! Please do not write us asking for free accounts. We are working hard to provide those 100 free accounts every month and we are not able to offer more than that.

We do not allow P2P traffic! Please read our Terms of service.

FREE UK/US VPN features:

  • Connection using PPTP protocol. OpenVPN is offered as premium service.
  • Both US and UK servers are available for use
  • High speed internet connection
  • Encrypts and compresses all traffic including Email, IRC, FTP, DNS, VOIP, instant messengers.
  • Bypasses your ISP’s traffic shaping.
  • Hides your tracks from internet monitoring or web filtering apps like Websense, Barracuda, etc.
  • No logs. We don’t keep any server logs.
  • Your IP is hidden while using HideIPVPN.com.
  • Works on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, other.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Instant VPN account activation.
  • Speed Test for the US server (using PPTP VPN connection)
  • Speed Test for the UK server (using PPTP VPN connection)

Remobo Free – creates an Instant Private Network Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Ediptor presentation : Now available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux ,Remobo creates an Instant Private Network ™ (IPN) between users.
It’s like a computer network for your social network

Control your own computer remotely from any other computer.
Access your files securely from work or while travelling.
Share files, photos & media with friends & family on your network.
Secure all your messages and file transfers against hackers.
Create a virtual private network (VPN) instantly and securely.
Play LAN games over the Internet as if you were all in the same place.
Connect to any computer in your list securely to access files and data.
Run virtually any 3rd party application on top of Remobo.


                                   Remobo download and install


How is it Different?

Zero-Configuration: just install it and you are ready to go! No messy system configurations, network settings, or firewall issues to deal with.
Easy-to-Use: access any computer in your list securely from anywhere in the world! Just download and install.
Secure: all data is encrypted and private so no one else can see it. Absolutely NO spyware or adware of any kind!
Fast: Remobo tries to create a direct, peer-to-peer connection between your computers for the fastest speed.
Flexible: comes with remote desktop access, file sharing & VPN capabilities built in, but you can also run virtually any 3rd party application on top of it.
FREE: unlike other remote desktop access and VPN applications, Remobo is completely free to download and use.