Openbravo Business Suite Fr 2016 Script professionnel gratuit Gestion Entreprise ERP CRM BI

Le Script professionnel gratuit Openbravo Business Suite Community Edition Fr 2016 Multi Langage Open source offre à votre entreprise des fonctionnalités complètes ERP, CRM et BI qui peuvent être facilement intégrées avec des systèmes existants pour créer des solutions hautement innovantes ,tout cela en un seul produit.

Service professionnel gratuit Anil Fr 2016 Outils de calculs Investissement Immobilier

L’Anil a pour mission d’informer gratuitement les usagers sur leurs droits et obligations, sur les solutions de logement qui leur sont adaptées, notamment sur les conditions d’accès au parc locatif et sur les aspects juridiques et financiers de leur projet d’accession à la propriété . Le service professionnel gratuit en ligne Anil Fr 2016 répond à toutes vos questions à propos d’investissement immobilier et vous propose différents outils de calculs concernant l’ achat et la vente de biens immobilier.

Gratuit >> License free for 10 GB with CX – Online File Storage

Gratuit >> License free for 10 GB with CX – Online File Storage

CX is the easiest way to get convenient, secure access to all your files in one place. Forget about emailing files to yourself and start using CX today.

    * Access your files anywhere, anytime, on any device
    * Never "forget" a file again
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Gratuit >> License free for Socioclean 2011 a free service to monitor and clean Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Social Network Profile

Gratuit >> License free for Socioclean 2011 a free service to monitor and clean your online social profile


Question 1: What is Socioclean?

Answer 1:  Socioclean is a free service that enables you to monitor and clean your online social profile by analyzing your wall posts, status messages and photos for any ill-advised and inappropriate material that may harm your social reputation.

Question 2:   Will the service scan my private messages or just my public postings?

Answer 2:  Socioclean will only scan postings, status messages, and photos that others are able to view as well. We will not scan email inbox or any other private areas.

Question 3:  Could I add my own search terms?

Answer 3:  User would be able to add their own search terms and strings in addition to the pre-defined library.

Question 4:  Will the service "auto-delete" content if it deems inappropriate?

Answer 4:   We will not "auto-delete" any content. We will provide you with posts or messages that are deemed inappropriate and it will be the users responsibility to delete the content. The user might not deem content inappropriate that is deemed inappropriate to us.

Question 5:  Will Socioclean store my social network username and password?

Answer 5:   We do not store any user information, but rely on social network API’s to make the user experience easier.

Question 6:  Could I use this service on another user?

Answer 6:   One account will be tied to one social network account. Once the report is generated, we will tie the social network account with socioclean account. If a new social network account needs to be run, a new socioclean account would need to be created.

Question 7:  Could this be run on my profile without my username and password?

Answer 7:   Report cannot be run without the permission of the user. Some API’s allow us to create session keys so to make the it an easier user experience we will not ask for the social network username and password every time the user logs onto Socioclean.

Question 8:  Does the service provide image recognition for pictures?

Answer 8:   No, we do not provide image recognition for pictures.

Question 9:  Could I auto-run this service (i.e. runs on its own and provides a report every 3 months or any other time period)

Answer 9:   This functionality is currently not available but would be available in the near future.

Question 10:  Do the reports have a link to the information captured in the reports (after the service has been run)?

Answer10:   Report will have easy one click access to the posts or anything else that the user wants to delete. User would not have to go and find their post again within the social network interface.

Question 11:   Will you be reporting this information to a 3rd party?

Answer 11:   No information will be reported to 3rd party for any reasons unless for lawful purposes as stated in our terms and privacy policy.

Question 12:  Will you be selling this information to a 3rd party?

Answer 12:   No information will be sold to 3rd party for any reasons. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Question 13:  How long do you store the reports for each user?

Answer 13:   We do not store any data from the reports. Data is only shown to the user for the session and once logged off we delete all the data from our servers.

Question 14:  What social networks are currently supported?

Answer 14:   Currently, we only support Facebook, but are in the process of adding other social networks as well.

Question 15:  What browsers does Socioclean support?

Answer 15:   Browsers supported by Socioclean are IE 7 and higher, Safari, and Firefox